Are you leveraging your relationship with your mentor?

Recognizing the value of positive relationships outside the chain of command, some firms have developed formal internal mentoring programs. These programs assign executives as mentors for high potential staff. Like arranged marriages, both parties must work to develop mutual trust and regard to make these pairing beneficial to both mentor and mentee.

The relationship is often limited to the mentor “showing the junior person the ropes”— a worthwhile outcome in itself, nonetheless. Whether you have an “arranged” mentor, or your relationship with your personal mentor is your choice, be alert to clues that tell you the relationship isn’t helping you. Like any good relationship, a positive mentorship is marked by good chemistry and trust, with easy and open communication and an atmosphere of give and take.

It all comes down to relationship management. Through your relationships, you will pick up on business trends and directions that you would not have had access to. Once you start connecting the dots with the insights and support from your mentor you will eventually see the whole picture.

GTST Chapter 4: Am I Getting the Most Out of My Mentors, Advisors, and Advocates?

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