Every day counts

Q:  I begin my new job next week and wonder—are the first 100 days (or 90 days, depending on which books or pundits you read) really so important?

A:  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have 90 days to make your mark in your new role.  The reality is that the first day, the first week and the first month are equally important.  Your hiring manager and the members of your new organization are all watching to validate that they made the right hiring decision.  A misstep can create a question mark about whether you “fit” with the organization or raise suspicions about your competency for the role.

Regarding “fit” here are a few common sense (but not commonly practiced) “don’ts”:

  • Don’t talk about how great your “former” organization is/was
  • Don’t look or act dramatically different from the people in your new organization
  • Don’t talk too much
  • Don’t cause conflict
  • Don’t gossip
  • Don’t be a “know it all”

Instead, ensure that your actions each and every single day have the following intentionality:

  1. Build relationships and develop alliances for the tasks and deliverables that you were hired to lead
  2. Get connected and learn the lay of the land
  3. Be likeable
  4. Respect culture, rituals and organizational heroes
  5. Keep your promises—do what you were hired to do
  6. Add value
  7. Appreciate and leverage the expertise/contribution of others
  8. Keep an open mind
  9. Execute

Finally, ask yourself these important questions

  • Do I fit?
  • Am I meeting the expectations of my hiring manager? Key stakeholders?
  • Am I likeable?

Be intentional on your first day, your first week and your first month and you will be successful at the 90-day and the 100-day mark!

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