In limbo after re-org

Limbo_reorgQ:  After 18 years, I am out of a job following a reorganization. I wasn’t surprised by the reorg, but the timing caught me off guard. Now I am in limbo:  should I look inside or is it time to move on?

A:  With 18 years invested in your firm, career and a network of friendships, it isn’t easy to walk away.  And it seems that you anticipated that a reorganization would sweep your position away. If more changes are coming, recognize that your firm has changed dramatically.  My questions:

  • Have you adapted and adjusted to “fit” with your organization today?
  • Or, did you lose your job because you are “obsolete” or perceived as “not flexible”?
  • Are you excited about the direction in which your organization is moving? If yes, explore opportunities that match with your skills and interests.  Leverage your network

On the other hand, it is time to move on if:

  • You feel betrayed, victimized, not valued or in general not well treated
  • You believe that now is the time to pursue your “real” interests and dreams

Finally, being in limbo—either confused or immobile—will drain your energy and dampen your self-esteem and efforts to snap out of it or “power through” it only make matters Unknown-1worse.  If you feel bad, I recommend that take it to the max and have a two-to-three-hour pity party.  When you take off the party hat, step through the newly opened door—either in your firm or out.

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