Life is a marathon-share with friends

qualifyingToday is the 121st  running of the Boston Marathon and (as usual) I will be on the sidelines watching and cheering the runners.  Why?  I am inspired by their dedication, focus and the
courage that prepared them for today and propel them to the finish line.  Each year the runners demonstrate the best qualities of being human and being alive.

I am posting my 2013 experience the same way that I did last year.   Read below–to appreciate the serendipitous call that saved me from being in my usual place at the finish line the year of the bombing.  And, remember to to share your interest and passion with your friends and family.  Let them into your life. OK?

Question:  Do your friends really know you?  Do they listen to you?

Answer:  We have all heard the blah, blah, blah that 500+ people in your social network doesn’t translate to the real world and that it is critical to cultivate a handful of real friends who really know you.  At 3:02PM EST, April 15, 2013, I was surprised.

I was conducting a coaching call that began at 3:00 when call waiting appeared not once but several times within three minutes, all with different telephone numbers.  Not wanting to interrupt the client, I glanced at the telephone numbers and recognized them all:  Katye from Indianapolis, Kathleen from Las Vegas and then Joyce from Newport Beach all calling within seconds of each other. Finally, I placed my client on hold, answered, and was met by a rush of words:  “You are safe—I was so worried. I thought that you were at the finish line.” “What are you talking about?” I asked. “Don’t you know?” No, I didn’t know. And, I didn’t know that my friends across the country knew me so well.

For over 25 years I have been at the Boston Marathon Finish Line.  I wait until the male Me at 2014 Marathonand female winners cross the finish line, then I cycle from Heartbreak Hill.  When I arrive on Boylston Street, the prime spectator seating has thinned and the real Marathon fans replace the dignitaries in the previously reserved and now free area.  By around 3:00PM I have claimed a free seat in the bleachers—close to the street so that I can watch my bicycle

The first bomb exploded at 2:50 EST.

Why am I telling you this story?  I was surprised that although I had never talked in detail about the Boston Marathon, my friends had been listening.  How well do your friends know and listen to you?  Consider:

  • When you are not with your friends, do they know about the activities and interests you enjoy that differ from their interests?
  • What are the “blind spots” in your relationship?
  • When issues/concerns arise in your conversation with friends what do you do?  Change the subject? Ask questions?
  • Are you comfortable disclosing information about your personal life?

Given my love of the Marathon, why did I schedule a coaching call at 3PM? By doing so, I was breaking my “don’t work on holidays” rule.  I had a “gut” feeling and broke my no Finish Linework rule.  Beyond that I don’t have an answer and now I no longer wonder why I made that decision.  Today, I am thankful –and my friends are, too—that I did. Boston Strong.

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