The answer isn’t no. It’s not yet

Not yetQ: I set goals but it seems that something always comes up. I wanted to have my master’s completed by now but all I see is broken plans. Help.

A: Please don’t despair and abandon your goal of completing your master’s degree. When people ask me the status of a goal that I haven’t achieved, I say “Not yet.” Why? Because saying “not yet” is more accurate: My goal is to complete my master’s and I haven’t achieved my goal yet. However, before you answer “not yet,” consider the following:

  • Given where I am now, what is my professional goal? Personal goals? Note: Ensure that your goals are relevant and that you have the passion and drive to achieve them.
  • Is there a pattern or root cause to the “things that come up in my life”? Note: Be aware and don’t get sidetracked if the “thing” is a reoccurring set of events, circumstances or responsibilities, etc.
  • How will I incorporate my “life” into my plans?  Note:  Be honest and be kind to yourself when you plan.

Remember that you defined the goal and you made the plan. That’s the good news, because you can always adjust your timeframe and plans to mirror the circumstances of Not yetyour life.

Now I hope that you are ready to look at your goals and say: “Thanks for asking, not yet. I am excited about achieving my goal.”


Originally published 2/22/16

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