Access? Use it Or Lose It!

Use if ot loseHaving access and using access may be miles apart, and if you don’t take advantage of your access it does you no good. You may have access to a host of people, but are you taking advantage of that access? Why not? The answers I often hear are:


1 “I don’t need anything from them right now.”

2 “I don’t want to waste their time.”

3 “They are busy people.”

4 “I am going to wait until I learn more about the job or have a big win.”

5 “I already know that person.”

6 “I don’t have time.”

Remember that access comes with your role; if you don’t use that access; you will not be viewed as operating at the proper level. Said bluntly—use it or lose it. You will miss out on the opportunity to fully embody your new role or take on the mantle of leadership that comes with the  role.

For example, when I was new to my role as quality systems manager, the general manager extended an open invitation because he viewed my role as key to the division’s manufacturing performance. I thanked him and immediately dove into my work, making Our of loopfriends with colleagues but not leveraging the air  cover the general manager could provide to accelerate the implementation of statistical quality control. When I finally reached out, I discovered that my general manager had resorted to (and now relied on) feedback from others.

My warning to you: if you are  absence others will use their access and fill in the gap. Don’t let that happen. Now is the time to break from your routine and activate your access.  OK?

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