Lost my motivation

Q:  I just graduated with honors, but now I feel that I won’t be able to replicate my success in the job market.  What happened to my motivation?

A:    Congratulations!  Well done. You worked hard, applied yourself and achieved your goal. Now it is time to identify what compelled you to achieve your goal.  What was your motivation?   Your first thought might be:  I don’t know!  Commencement is a good time—after all, the word means “beginning”—to not only celebrate but to take responsibility for the success you have achieved.

You didn’t lose your motivation, but you may be looking for it in the wrong place.  Motivation comes from you, not from outside.  It’s easy to think that you were motivated by the positive support and feedback that you got along the way, and of curse those supporting actions contributed.  However, the foundation—the source—of the motivation came from you.  You achieved high honors because you had the drive, desire, passion and interest to do so.

If you are asking what happened to your motivation, the best way to get it back is to answer the following:

  • What motivates me?
  • What causes me to do my best and be my best? Being in my preferred environment? Feedback from others? Challenge? Competition?
  • What compelled me to graduate with high honors? My major? My mentor? My mom? Or myself?

The most empowering way for you to be successful is to tap into your ability to self-motivate. You can do it—that’s how you got to graduation day!

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