Harvard logoQ:  I just started looking outside for my next opportunity and now my organization has offered to sponsor me for a Leadership Program at Harvard.  If I accept, I will have to stay an additional year.  What a trade off! Fulfill my dream of attending Harvard or say no?

A. When faced with a choice like this, I hear my mother’s favorite adage: “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”  If you are not familiar with farm animals, specifically chickens, keep reading and all will become clear.  Consider:

      • Do you have an actual job offer in hand? If no, you don’t have a new job.
      • How long have you been in this organization?  Have you hit a ceiling – no upward opportunities– or a wall – your current skills or aspirations do not align with the organization’s needs?
      • Does your manager know that you are looking?  Would she be surprised?
      • Why is your organization offering you this opportunity?  Do they want to reward you? Retain you? Groom you as a future leader? Increase your value as a contributor?

A tangible opportunity is now in the palm of your hand. Remember they selected you for this opportunity and it appears that you now need to adjust your perspective. Postpone your job search and focus on contributing your new skills to your current Do what you loveorganization.

Good luck.  Fulfill your dream!

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