Show Me The Money

Will I get a bonusQ:  I met my annual goal, but other members of my group did not.  Will I be penalized?

A:  Think back to your mid-year performance review. After reviewing your accomplishments, did you discuss the following with your manager?

  1. What are the expectations of your manager—group success or individual?
  2. Are rewards and recognition based on group performance or on individual performance or a combination?
  3. In addition to achieving your individual goal what did you do to help/support your team members achieve their goals?What did you contribute?
  4. Did you meet your goal with the help/input of a team member?
  5. Does your organizational culture reward individual efforts or collaborations?

Reminder: In most organizations, the bonus pool numbers are determined at year end and it is unlikely that your manager will know the exact number. Even if she does, it is a number that is not shared/publicized.

Given the competitive environment, bonuses seem to be shrinking as corporations Show me the moneyexplore new ways to reward, recognize and retain employees.  What is the competitive landscape for your organization?  Fewer promotions? What happened last year—were smaller or fewer bonuses awarded?

Avoid two common mistakes (1) Don’t harken back to the good old days and (2) Don’t make the mistake of living as if your bonus is part of your base.

Remember: Be alert and adjust your expectations to the market dynamics.  Ensure that you are in alignment with your manager and never, ever substitute hope for a real conversation with your boss!

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