I Hate Holiday Parties

Hate Christmas?Q.  I am no Grinch, but I hate holiday parties. I don’t know why. If I don’t go to the office party will it hurt my career?

A: Bah Humbug, to you! Even the Grinch changed his view of Christmas and celebrations and you can too. Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you like the people with whom you work? Do they like you? If yes, make a plan to meet up.
  • Is there a medical reason that is exacerbated by crowds or gatherings? Claustrophobia? Poor hearing? Migraines? Speech impediment? Or, painful back/feet? If yes, be honest and recognize that it is not the holiday party that is turning you into a Scrooge, OK?
  • Do you have family or financial challenges that make the holidays stressful? If yes, shift your focus from what you don’t have to what you do


  • Are you “failing” at work or do you have one foot out the door? If yes, your career prospects may already be in jeopardy.

Take the time to answer these questions. If you determine that you don’t want to attend the party because your career is on the line, now is the time to talk to your manager so that you have a clear understanding of where you stand and what you need to do. Don’t wait! Clear the decks so that you can enjoy your holiday.

Remember, ’tis the season of sensitive feelings, old hurts and failed expectations. The holidays can be stressful. However, you have a choice–don’t pull the bed sheets over your head like Ebenezer Scrooge tried to do in the Holiday movie classic.  Seek clarity and have images-1the conversations that will allow you to enjoy the holidays–especially the parties.

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