10 Tips To Get There and Stay There

  1. GTST_FRONT_FGetting there and Staying There is a cycle:  once you get there, you stay there until it is time to move, to get to a new there.
  2. To accelerate the cycle home in on four points of agility: aware/alert? Adjust? Align and act.
  3. Getting there is attaining your professional objective—a new position, an interesting assignment or a role in a project that can be a stepping stone to your next achievement.
  4. Staying there is success—as you define it.   It is not a destination it is your choice of action at this stage of your career qnd above it all it means staying involved.
  5. Getting There and Staying isn’t about “right” answers, it’s about asking the right questions. Set aside time on a regular basis to take stock and ask yourself (and perhaps others) questions to guide you in where you are currently and where you want to go.
  6. Make it a habit of knowing exactly where you are at any given point in your career be alert to the hurdles and the opportunities of your current situation/status so that you can act accordingly and appropriately.
  7. Be able to powerfully articulate what is unique about you and how you add value especially to key stakeholders.
  8. Be committed to learning new things and be actively curious.   Set aside time on a Phd_red photoregular basis to do so.
  9. Be mindful and engaged. Seek new vistas.
  10.  Always surround yourself with people who make your life meaningful and happy.

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