Politically Wired?

Politically Wired Q.  In less than two years I have created an A+ team, with the exception of one person who is politically wired to my manager’s boss. What do I do?

A:  Have you asked and answered these questions?

  1. Who is the person “politically wired” to, and what is the currency of their relationship? For example, providing access? Resources? Bartering in information or gossip? Knows where bodies are buried?
  2. Do you have higher status, authority, and position than this person? If yes, are you using your power or losing it?
  3. What is the quality of your relationship with your manager? With the managers’ boss?
  4. Are you being influential?rug
  5. How robust is your network?  What “new” connections have you created in the last two years?
  6. What is your relationship to the people that he/she is “wired to” and what are you providing?

Note: Think about your influence and stature as a counter weight to the politically wired person.  Determine if the person is really connected or just blustering.  Start by determining how the person became a member of your team and whether they are adding Solidify Networkvalue or “marking time.  Whatever you do—don’t rock the boat especially if the person has more years and connection than you have currently. Your goal is to first balance the scale and then topple it in your favor.

Remember—ask questions.  Be patient.  Solidify your relationships.


Good luck.

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