Entrepreneur Looking for Partner

EntrepreneurQ:  I can’t find the right partner/collaborator to get my project off the ground. What am I doing wrong?

A:  Am I correct to assume that you are an entrepreneur? To validate review the 50 signs that indicate you “might be an entrepeneur“.   Currently working solo? If yes, are you pursuing this endeavor fulltime or are you “moonlighting”?  Please let me know.

To respond in general to your question, here are some questions to consider:

  • Why do you need a partner?  Do you need financial help, or are you afraid to go out on your own?
  • Are you able to describe your product, service, and idea with clarity? If no, watch the TV Show “Shark Tank.”
  • Are you willing to share your idea or are you still keeping it secret?  If it’s a secret, the quality of your conversation with a future partner/collaborator will be affected.  Make certain that you and your attorney have non-disclosures in order.
  • Where are you in the product life cycle:  ideation? Testing? Development? InvestorsDistribution/Implementation?
  • What skills, resources, or connections do you need in a partner that you do not have?
  • Is it essential that your partner/collaborator shares the same vision, values, work ethic etc?

Did I trip you up with the last question?  I hope not.  Of course, you want your partner to be all in with you:  vision, values, and skin in the game.  Good luck.

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