225th Blog— Time to redirect

Dear Readers,

I have to pinch myself—each week for 225 weeks I have written and posted a weekly blog.  What began as an effort to invite you to a coaching conversation with me about your professional development has turned into an exploration of the issues that hit us —- ready or not— as we navigate our careers and our lives,   Thank you for being in a dialogue with me for almost 52 months.

52 months is almost four years a good time press the pause button and redirect.  How?  I am filling my life with new experiences:  My motto—say “yes” to invitations—jump  in, engage, experiment, and explore.  When I look out at the world I see that there is so much to see, do and contribute.    I think “Oh the places I will go”. I am open and filled with curiosity and wonder.

As you know, getting there and staying there doesn’t mean staying put or sticking with the status quo—continue to be aware of the dynamics of your world and adjust and align accordingly. OK?   So, keep up the good work.

Join me and take a bold step.  I will post blogs once each month to stay in touch.

Peace be with you,



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