Have you scheduled your future?

Q:  Lean staff and long hours, I don’t know how I am going to get through this year.  It’s only January and I am swamped.  Help.

A:  It is easy to feel swamped when you are mired in demanding activities without a clear sight line to a future. Without the hope of a different future we typically narrow our focus, dig in and start ticking off items one by one.  Most of us end up with our heads down and our dreams on hold.  We end up counting down the hours to the end of the day, and the days to the end of week or marking the number of months to year end and in the process life dips from joy to drudgery; from ½ full to ½ empty.  Ugh.

Why?  The answer is simple, we human beings need a future to live into which is more meaningful and rewarding than today.  Without a future; no hope.  Remember that a future is more than goal setting so think broadly about the quality of your life and the realization of your aspirations. OK?

  • What is your ambition?  
  • What is missing in your work life?
  • Do you have a career or do you have a job?
  • What are the skills, knowledge and capacities that you will enhance in your current role?
  • How will success in this role prepare you for your next two steps?
  • Are you on track?

Of course, your future isn’t limited to work, work, work.  Don’t forget to schedule your friends, families, special occasions, time to chill out, and opportunities to expand in your calendar.  You may think that scheduling family/personal time will make it less fun but consider the alternative:  if it isn’t scheduled it is not going to happen.  

Now, you have a choice stay in the swamp or climb out. Why not begin by scheduling your 2018 vacation and stay-cations? Just thinking about a trip to the South America, Europe or 
a no-agenda, no responsibility weekend at home will give you the oomph you need to manage and be successful in your current environment. 


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