Together WE built this country


“We built railroads, and highways; the Hoover Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge together.   We sent my grandfathers generation to college on the GI Bill together.  

We instituted a minimum wage and worker safety laws together.  Together, we touched the surface of the moon, unlocked the mystery of the atom, connected the world through our own science and imagination.

 We did these things together not because they benefited any particular individual  or group, but because they made us all richer.  

Because they gave us all opportunity.  Because they moved us forward together as one people, as one nation.”  

President Barack Obama

We work hard.  And  yes, we work together.

Labor Day we pause to celebrate the collective actions of those who paved the way.  Let us always remember that it is our ability to cooperate, colloborate, innovate with grit and imagination that brings us together to propel America forward.

Happy Labor Day!

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