Stuck due to training cutbacks

StuckQ:   I am stuck.  Due to cutbacks, corporate sponsored training has gone out the window.  Now what?

A:  It’s great if your company offers training—believe me, I am envious of the classroom courses that I see offered at GOOGLE HQ.  However, most organizations have reduced traditional training—seminars and classroom training—in favor of online learning, town hall briefings or product launches.

So, you are not stuck: you are responsible for your own professional development.  You always have been!   The good news is that you can learn at your own pace and you can venture far from your company-offered courses to the mountain of “free” learning on line.

Now, what do you want to learn?

  • Do you have a gap in your hard or soft skills? If you want to improve hard skills—cyber security, program management, procurement, etc.—go to Kahn Academy—it’s free, online, and convenient.
  • Is there a specific skill area you need to develop based on feedback from your manager? If yes, what advice or direction did your manager provide to close the gap?
  • What certifications will add to your credibility, value, advancement or business acumen?

Your manager will probably applaud you for taking the initiative to grow professionally, so make certain that you can link the skills you are developing to your job.  Think—what is the value that I now add?

  • How am I putting my new skills, knowledge and behavior to use? Develop your own metrics and observable outcomes.

Take the initiative and invest in your ongoing growth and development. Don’t miss the opportunity to shine with your manager.  Your actions will distinguish you from your On line learningpeers and can propel you to the select professional development opportunities that are afforded to senior leaders, high potentials or future leaders.  You aren’t stuck if you are moving.   The world isn’t static—continue to grow as you go.

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