Watch the Inauguration or Not?

A: Unlike previous Inaugurations, my colleagues are scheduling meetings smack in the Oath of officemiddle of the event. I won’t even be able to take a sneak peak. I feel that I am missing out on an historic event. What do you think?

B: Yes, you will miss out on an historic event especially if you do not DVR it. I prefer to watch the event in real time and it seems that you might feel the same. There is something special—even sacred—when we pause as a nation to witness the peaceful transfer of power, which shouldn’t be minimized as just another political event. It is an important moment in our history and heralds the strength of our Constitutional framework.

With your colleagues, you may want to consider how you can begin to change the tone and mood in your office without becoming embroiled in an agree/disagree or for/against political dialogue. Here are a few questions to engage in:

  • What is your vision/hope for 2017?
  • What are the specific agencies or legislative agendas that are likely to effect my Lady Libertyorganization? My community? My family?
  • Have we adjusted and aligned our approach, goals and metrics to capitalize on the changed environment?
  • What new opportunities can we create?
  • How will I stay current? How can we stay current as a team or organization?

Please avoid focusing on your differences and, above all, don’t stop talking and interacting with people who you think have a different view. Be curious, listen and take the time to enlarge your worldview by seeing the other person’s perspective. Remember: you don’t have to change who you are to appreciate what others are saying. OK?


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