Is your value visible or invisible?

unknown-1Being successful is one thing; being recognized for the value that you bring is another. The extent to which you are known determines your value. Value and visibility go together. Besides understanding what you bring to the party, you must know who in the organization values your contribution and why. Then you must communicate your “value-add” in order to get the outcome you desire.

Think again about the sound byte you developed earlier. Take some time to refine it, so that you are comfortable using it when you are introducing yourself. For example, “I’m Arthur Blank. My team developed the Statler solution last quarter.” “I’m Stella Michaels from Legal. I’m just coming off the Widget patent case, which I’m happy to say was resolved in our favor.” Many people are uncomfortable with self-promotion. They don’t want be seen as a person who brags or who takes credit for the accomplishments of others.

Remember: There is a big difference between “selling” and “telling.” If you perform real work of genuine value, you aren’t boasting when you mention your success. If you are one of those quiet types who are waiting to be noticed, you may end waiting forever.  My question to you is, if you don’t talk about who you are and what you have accomplished, gtst-book_logo-5_2016who will?

You have a choice: visible or invisible.  Will you wait or get moving. It’ s up to you. What will you do?



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