Time to Leap?

Time to leapQ:  I reviewed my 2016 goals with my manager and I know that I can meet them.  I wonder, should I have made the goals more of a stretch?

A:  Today is a good day to consider how you may want to recalibrate not only your career and professional growth but also the aspects of your life that determine its quality: time with family and friends; financial security; home environment; fun, recreation, vacations and time with significant others (spouse/partner); or time for romance.

Don’t fall into the trap of “I will focus on my business goals first and then consider the other stuff.”  Danger! Danger! You won’t get around to the “other stuff.”  Take a leap and consider the following:

    • What is your relationship with your manager?  Is your manager an advocate for your success?   Do you have a pattern of talking about “everything”? If yes, discuss a possible “stretch assignment.” If no, don’t change your goals, but make it your goal to strengthen your relationship with your manager.
    • What ideas do you have for a stretch assignment? Will the stretch assignment provide visibility, expand your business skills, and provide exposure to different business processes, departments, or clients?
    • What is missing in your life?  Free time? Romance? Adventure? Peace of mind?  Note:  Growing professionally is fueled by curiosity and mindfulness.  Recognizing that something is “missing” is a good thing.

Take advantage of this Leap Year Day to recalibrate and bring into alignment the different areas of your life.  You deserve to have a whole and fulfilling 2016.

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