From time squeeze to main squeeze

No time to dateQ:  How can I squeeze in time to find the one?  I promised myself that I wouldn’t spend
another Valentines Day drinking with the guys but that is exactly what I did.

A:  If you think that you have to “squeeze” social time into your calendar you may be missing the bigger picture:  you have ONE life. I repeat this mantra over and over in my book.  You may think that you have a work life, social life, family life and a separate time to focus on your health/well being.  However, if you do you will end of allocating time to the various compartments of your life.  And, the squeeze effect is inevitable because as you prioritize activities YOU are almost always at the bottom of your list.

I am not going to venture from my area of expertise and ask you questions to help you determine the right person for you—I am certain that there is an APP for that.  I only have one question to help you avoid the squeeze and its similar to tagline for Capital One—“what’s in your wallet”:

  • What’s in your schedule?  Do you have time to socialize, to date,  to spend time and build/deepen a relationship In you your calendar?

Remember that if you are hoping to get lucky just look at your track record to date. Valentine main squeezeFinding the right one is not a time management issue:    finding love results from committed attention and action.    You can have your main squeeze if you focus your attention now on 2017—Valentines Day is on a Tuesday

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