Let the Force Be With You

Rey_Star WarsQ:  I am not going to see Star Wars.  I am not a fan and I don’t understand all the hype.  Am I missing something?

A:  You are not the first person who has said “no” to Star Wars.  However, the fact is you are missing something:  Star Wars is an international cultural phenomenon captivating the attention of millions and generating billions in ticket sales.  Star Wars is an important cultural marker—an icon of our time.  You don’t want to miss being a part of this key cultural conversation.  You don’t have to be a fan; you do need to be curious, open and engaged.  Consider the following questions:

  • Are your likes and dislikes hard-wired?  Note: Make a list of the top 10 areas where your likes and dislikes are hard-wired.
  • How often do you think “no way” and/or say “no” each day? Note:  Make a tick mark each time you say “no.”
  • How do your friends, colleagues and family describe you?  Easy-going? Rigid? Opinionated? Open?
  • When the facts change, do you change your mind?  Note:  Do you dig in, argue, or ask questions for understanding?
  • What is the benefit or advantage you gain by not seeing Star Wars?  Note: Your brand might be “I am different,” “I am a loner” or “I do my own thing.”

To get beyond your assessment that Star Wars is “all hype,” now is a good time to conduct your own exploration.  Read about the fans dedicated to the Star Wars franchise. If you Finn_Rey_BBare interested in technology, read about the robots that are now reality.  If you are interested in leadership and teamwork, read about how J.J. Abrams directed the production.  If music is your thing, listen to John Williams’s tribute performance of the Star Wars theme.  And, finally if you are interested in millennials, read about the multi-generational and diverse cast.

Finally, you don’t have to see the movie.  However, be informed and don’t unwittingly put others down by assuming a “why would you want to see that?” attitude.

Remember:  “The force” describes the dark side and the light—stay open, engaged and willing to learn and the force will be with you.


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